Saturday, 28 March 2015

Mac vs Chanel

Hope everyone is having a good Saturday! As you may have gathered by now, I love talking about makeup and I have wanted to do a lipstick post for a while! At the weekend, I normally raid my lipstick box searching for the perfect Saturday shade - Lipstick for me is one of the biggest fashion statements, whether you're going for the WOW factor or just a little more subtle, the right lipstick can complete your look, and the wrong one can just as easily ruin it!

Two of my continuing favourite lip stick brands are Mac and Chanel.

I tend to search for a new Mac lipstick when I am looking for an evening shade or searching for a shade thats trending in the fashion world, I always know Mac will have it covered!

When I am looking for that perfect, subtle day-time lipstick, the more prominent classic rouge or the must have hot pink, I am straight over to the Chanel counter!

Heres a few of my favouirte shades that I have found too irresistible not to buy!

Mac:Matte Chili, Chanel:69 Flirt, Mac:Glaze Hue, Chanel:Intime 93, Chanel: Rouge Allure Passion, Mac:Cremesheen Modesty

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