Friday, 1 May 2015

Makeup essentials for May

I can’t believe its already the first of May today I swear time flies by so quickly!

I always love to do a makeup post now and then to keep you updated on my recent purchases.

I have wanted this Mac Saw lip liner for a while now, but struggled to find it, since its always sold out in Mac stores and can only be ordered online.

Although this is unsurprising as its the one Kylie Jenner uses in her Instagram lip close-up selfies that makes them look massive! I also bought a new Mac lipstick to match called Sweetie. They both really compliment each other well. So if you're after a fuller effect on your lips then I can really recommend this combo!

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I love Nars foundation because it gives your skin a healthy glow. The Nars luminous glow foundation is perfect for good coverage and a dewy look.

My best friend gave me my new Chanel eye shadow set - I’m wearing the light grey eye shadow in this photo, as you can see its really soft and nice and adds a a light shimmer for summer.

My alternate favourite YSL product is the touch of Eclat which is perfect for that radiant glow and it also helps to make you look fresh and awake - definitely a must have for first thing on Monday morning!

Hope everyone has a good weekend! xx


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