Thursday, 25 June 2015

Festival look

I'm not going to make out that I am a huge festival lover its not that I don't love music but the idea of making up your own tent and camping while it is either pouring down with rain or its unbelievably hot and sweaty and not being able to have a bathroom does a actually sound like one of my biggest nightmares! But it doesn't mean I don't love the "festival fashion" side of things!

I love looking at pictures of Coachella and seeing all the amazing festival outfits, cool Ray bans, the flowery headbands and detressed denim shorts!

However if I was to go to a festival weekend I would wear my off the shoulder top from Topshop its really on trend at the moment and perfect for that relaxed but cute festival look! My Mango denim shorts which I can put with anything, my new stylish Jigsaw hat, Ray Bans (of course) and I would definitely have to buy some gladiator sandals!



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