Thursday, 17 September 2015

Triangl Bikini

It was such a lovely surprise to receive a gift from my favourite bikini brand a couple of weeks ago just before I went away on holiday. (Perfect timing) I have always wanted a Triangl bikini and I was lucky enough to be contacted by the brand and given one of my choice!

It was a tough call as there's so many different styles of Triangl that I love but I wanted something bright, colourful and fun so I decided the Farah- Cherry Love. It fitted me so well I had the small top and bottoms which is about a UK size 6.

Every year I always rush bikini shopping just before I go away, for some reason it's always last minute,I can never make up my mind whether I will just make do with my old faded bikinis from last year or go for new ones.

When I was younger I always went out and bought about three cheaper bikinis so I could switch between them and they probably just last and stay in okay condition for the 2 weeks I went on holiday - but then they never really made it to through to next year because the colour would fade and go slightly see-though (not good!) or they would just get really sandy and baggy!

I do find if I only buy one more expensive quality bikini, which is the same price as two cheaper ones, it really does last so much longer and seems to fit better in all the right places!


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