Wednesday, 7 October 2015

black and brown with a touch of red

Hello on this rainy Wednesday afternoon. It seems that summer is a distant memory, and its always so sad when the last bit of your tan just suddenly fades away and worryingly you can't even remember your summer holiday!

However as seasons change my love for Autumn fashion goes on and this week I am wearing a black long tie up jacket and a brown suede skirt from New Look.

There's quite a few people who are always cautious of wearing black and brown together. It's just always been that fashion 'no no' but if you style it well they can actually really compliment each other leaving you looking smart and chic.

To brighten up my look I chose a different shade of brown for my hat, this makes the look more stylish. I wore my black knee high boots just because they go with everything! I also used my little red DVF bag which breaks up the colours and adds a bright contrast to my look, however to be completely honest it was the only small little bag I had! A cheeky little smudge of red lipstick finished my look.


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