Thursday, 22 October 2015

Lace & Leather

Having a certain style does mean that I do tend to stick with similar colours and trends.

Sometimes it's good fun to go against what you would normally wear and go for something different!

The results can be rewarding as I found out last week, when I decided to purchase a new bold coloured lipstick. It was a deep plum colour from Estee Lauder called envy. It was a change from what I normally wear, neutral colours, red and pink tones.

I rediscovered my black leather trousers which I had bought about 5 years ago from Topshop, I put these together with my new burgundy lace top from Jigsaw (which went perfectly with my new lip shade). I felt just the small change of lip colour made all the difference to my usual style.

Do any of you feel the same? Usually we just go with what feels normal or familiar.

So, why not go out this week and treat yourself to a new nail colour or lipstick shade that you haven't tried before - wear it with a cool outfit and see if you love your new look!


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