Sunday, 3 April 2016

How I take my blog photos

When I look at other fashion bloggers, I love admiring what they're wearing and looking at the different ways that they have styled their outfit, but I'm always intrigued as to what goes on behind the camera as well.. Have they taken their photos themselves? or have they got a professional photographer or has one of their friends taken it..??

For me I started my blog with my mum taking the first few shoots. I think we only did about 8 outfits in total, she is not a professional actually quite far from that! She could just about get it onto the right setting after being told a million zillion times which one it was "aperture" and then pressed the button! This has now stopped because it got to the point where I wanted to have my own freedom and stop the stress of directing my mum!

I now take my photos using a tripod and a remote control as a self portrait, and it actually works okay for me at the moment.

The best thing about this is the ability to be in control of when I take my photographs which gives me good flexibility especially as I am a full time university student and so now only need to work around my schedule rather than others as well.

I guess what I am trying to say from this post to anyone who is thinking about starting a fashion blog, is to know that you don't need a photographer. With all the apps and remotes available now you can take your own photographs at your own time and own locations. However this still has its limits as it can be difficult to take shots in fast moving places. Even in really quiet locations where I take mine like a little alley way, I could tell you quite a few stories where I have been approached by a few people asking me what I'm doing and thinking I'm strange taking photos of myself but you just learn to not care what people think and just go for it!

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  1. Thanks lovely! just checked out your blog, love it x

  2. This is such a nice post. I am also a full time UNI student and its hard to keep up with pictures. But you mentioned very well :) I am glad you shared it ! Would you like to follow each other on Bloglovin and other social media :)

  3. Oh thanks Ambi! yea it can be a real struggle, especially when exams are approaching!
    I will definitely be checking out your blog and your insta page :) x

  4. I get your struggle! I stress my friends and my boyfriend and my mother whenever I go back in my hometown to visit my parents :)) Lucky for me, they get what I want or need most of the times and it's ok to bug them with weird angles and taking 300 portraits that basically look the same :))

    If we all fashion bloggers could have a professional photographer as a boyfriend and who will actually enjoy at the fullest to take photos for us, that would be awesome!


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