Friday, 6 May 2016

How to cure your impulse buying habits and save money

Wardrobe Staples

I'm terrible at Impulse buying. I never stop to think, 'have I already got something similar in my wardrobe'. I must confess that I have a habit of clothes building up in my wardrobe unworn, some still even with the price tag left on! (Ooops)

I dare to think how much money I would have saved if I asked myself the question "but when am I really going to wear this?" or "I defiantly have this in a slightly darker shade"

It's hard to buy only the things that you need rather than what you want.

It's time to put my money saving hat on, otherwise I come away with little strappy lace summer tops which would only be suitable for a scorching hot day in Malibu or big statement earrings which I tend to wear only once and then loose one. Iv lost count of the number of designer pink lipsticks iv bought which hardly vary in shade!

When I go shopping I now write a list on my notes in my phone of the things I need so that I can focus my mind and not get carried away!

I put together a few essential items that are 'must haves', Some classic peaces that won't date and that can be used to create different looks.



  1. Oh I agree with you... I also tried to make a list, but often I can't be focused on... :)

    I'm a beginner with my blog, do not hesitate to visit and give me some advice.

  2. Thanks for the comment Steffie!

    Checking out your page :) x


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