Sunday, 26 June 2016

How to keep on track of your work out routine!

I am fed up of expensive gym memberships and in particular feeling guilty when I haven't been to the gym for the last month, this really has to stop! I decided I really needed a healthy and cheap hobby in my life that I am not going to slack off constantly.

I am sure lots of people find it so easy to slip up and become demotivated when it comes to a fitness routine. (Well I definitely do!)

As we all know exercise is so important for both our body and mind and if we let it go the negative effects are endless from feeling less energetic to putting on weight and really falling out of shape.

I have started working out again to release the stress and anxiety that I increasingly suffer from in the last three years. It amazing how something as simple as running 3 times a week has helped so much already.

Naturally, the first thing that got me motivated into getting fit again was shopping for a new outfit of course! It's a no brainer that buying a new gym outfit instantly made me feel like I can take on the world!

So I bought my kit from H&M and then I joined my local running club. Its cheaper than a gym membership and I can go early mornings or evenings depending on what fits best into my day. I normally prefer early mornings if I don't have a lecture as it gets me up and ready for the day. It's also social and somewhere to meet new people!



  1. So nice workout outfit!

  2. Thank you lovely. It's all H&M :)


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