Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Casual dress day

Sometimes I just get fed up of always wearing tight fitting trousers and instead want to feel a little more comfortable and relaxed. If anyone else feels the same way then I can really recommend to combine a casual shirt dress and comfy trainers, it's perfect for those days where you want look feminine and stylish, but still be comfy and look carefree at the same time.

It especially works perfectly for this time of year when we are just coming to the end of August and the short shorts don't really work anymore.

The only problem I find with wearing these types of dresses is you never want to wear skinny jeans again..!



  1. Wow beautiful outfit! Your pictures are such a good quality, which camera do you use? Keep up the blogging, you're doing a great job! X Romy.

  2. Hey there! thanks for the lovely comment! the I use is a Sony DSLR it does take good pics! p.s the dress is from Topshop :) x x


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