Monday, 26 September 2016

Little white dress

I was lucky enough to receive a new dress from recently as they wanted me to do a review of their brand. If you don't know about them already, their website is known for being very reasonably priced with loads of choice, however I was interested to see the quality of their dresses and to see if it was worthwhile to make any further purchases!

The dress took about to 2 weeks to arrive but most importantly I was actually really surprised with how expensive it looked when I had it on. As you guys can see in the photos, it looks elegant and stylish and the design doesn't make it look cheap at all.

Like any website I shop on, I always look carefully at the photos in detail to see the quality and from now on I'll definitely consider buying more dresses from them as I'm really pleased with how this dress looks in real life, and especially at those prices when I only where dresses for those 1 or 2 week holidays in the summer I would totally save myself a small fortune!!

Speaking of great websites I received this lovely bright yellow bag from I was so impressed with the quality of the bag when it arrived, it adds a great pop of colour to my outfit and its perfect for all the seasons.



  1. I love this so much, the pop of yellow with the bag is perfect! I am so happy I stumbled across your blog, you seem like such a lovely person and never stop doing what you do! x

  2. Thanks for your lovely comment Adele!

    Checking out yours too :) x x

  3. Such a work of art!! This post has made to my Top 10 Shoes that conquered my 2016 world. Review link below:


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